As well as the technological advances in gas central heating boilers the number of possibilities for hot water systems has also made huge leaps and bounds to improve the performance of hot water delivery.

With the exception of traditional methods of hot water storage, below are now becoming the most common methods for domestic homes.

Unvented Water Heating
Similar to conventional cylinder but providing hot water at mains water pressure, therefore eliminating the need for cold water storage in the loft.

Standard features are high performance heat exchanger, Faster heat recovery times (as low as 15 minutes), Minimal heat loss (reduced boiler fire up) Powerful mains pressure showering, faster filling baths and with some manufacturers offering a 25 years guarantee.

Thermal Store
In a thermal storage system it is the water in the cylinder which is heated by the boiler, then stored and maintained at a constant temperature and pumped through the radiators as required. The water for taps and showers coming from the mains supply, is heated by the hot water in the cylinder via a highly efficient plate heat exchanger and then goes on to the taps and showers - still at mains pressure.

Combination Boilers
Combination boilers heat water as and when needed and flow rate is dependent of boiler heat output and incoming water pressure. These boilers are normally suited for homes with only one bathroom.

This is not an exhausted list, there is also other technology available like plate heat exchangers running of a central heating boiler and there are also advances in electric boilers and water heaters.

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