At Eco Rescue we will look at your existing controls and provide you with cost effective solutions to ensure your system complies with current building Regulations Part L1 and best practice as set by the government.

Also having the right heating controls will boost your energy performance rating for your home. This information is collected to form part of the energy performance certificate,  a compulsory document now included in the home information pack.

Effective controls will increase operating efficiencies, especially when older systems are being updated. They also provide the householder with the opportunity to minimise energy consumption by ensuring the right comfort temperatures are maintained and so reducing overheating.

Fully Programmable Room Thermostat (best practice)

This allows different temperatures to be set for different periods of the day or week and so can provide a good match to householders living patterns, particularly if occupancy varies during this time.

Thermostat radiator valves TRV’s (best practice)

TRV’s are used to limit the temperature in individual rooms. They also prevent overheating from solar (direct sun light) and other incidental gains (computers etc). In this way, they cut down on unnecessary consumption. Programmable units, which can be timed to switch on and off, are also available.

Installing a minimum standard of controls on a system which previously had none can reduce fuel consumption and CO² emissions by 18 per cent.

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